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Set for burning of Columbia*

Guards give a bummer the bum's rush***

Burning the church***

Yankee firefighters offering "aid" to storeowner***

Reflections of the firestorm***

Nothing to do but watch***

*Photo by Larry Filzen

**Photo by Lydia Filzen

***Photo by Tomme Hilton. Click here for more of her images.





The Movie

As an author, I constantly visualize the action in the stories I write. None were so vivid to my inner eye as Firetrail.
It sometimes seemed a movie already existed in some realm, but in a form so nebulous that it couldn't quite be grasped.


Then Christopher Forbes of Forbesfilm entered the scene, and is giving a visual dimension to the words on the page.
Chris directed the feature length docudrama 
Battle of Aiken, various Civil War documentaries, and the psychological thriller, Basketweave, among others. Firetrail caught his imagination, and he decided to bring the vision to life!*


Thanks to the Wade Hampton Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the property owner, Mr. Culler,  for   allowing Forbesfilm to build a replica of the town on the Battle For Columbia reenactment site.
A night burning was filmed after the reenactment.  The public stayed after the battle and watched the action.

Forbesfilm built a covered bridge for a movie set at the Battle of Aiken Reenactment site. The bridge was burned for filming purposes during the February reenactment, which was another great spectator event.****


Greetings to members of the 3rd South Carolina Cavalry, whose enthusiasm and cooperation have contributed tremendously to the project.

They and their families have warmly welcomed this Florida girl into their campfire circle.

Yes, "Me and my little dog, too!"*


Theme music written by Jennifer Dyches  and performed by Beaver Creek will add another dimension to the production. Jennifer has captured the essence and character of Firetrail with her haunting lyrics and melodies.
The soundtrack is now available on CD.
Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing the vision so poignantly!*


Cast of Characters

Tripp Courtney as Lt. Hunter Lightfoot, of Hampton's Iron Scouts*

Jim Hilton as Capt. Blake Winberry, 5th S. C. Cavalry***

Lin Laffitte as Judith Rogers**

Gabriel Baxley as Harry Bell*

Tomme Hilton as Sally DuBois*


Jerry Chesser as Capt. Causey*


Nichole Dye as Lexi Winberry**

Capt. Winberry with new recruit, Jimmy Caldwell***

Chris Forbes on the job***






















Above photo by Wes Mayhle


For further information about Firetrail the Movie and Perfect Disguise, contact Forbesfilm.

Lin Laffitte as Judith Rogers and Jim Hilton as Capt. Blake Winberry

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