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In the hands of the enemy***

Lightfoot to the rescue!***

They're getting away!***

Stand by me***

Heat of battle!***

Hunter and Blake galvanized***

*Photo by Larry Filzen

**Photo by Lydia Filzen

***Photo by Tomme Hilton. Click here for more of her images.

 ****Photo by Jennifer Dyches

Burning bridge, Aiken



The Movie

Characters and Crew



Mrs. Winberry, Dr. Winberry and Capt. Blake Winberry***



Charles Kizer as Lt. Kirkland***

One last gathering at the house before it goes up on flames***


Sally and Randolph***


Brad Owens as Gen. Kilpatrick***

Chris Martino, soundman**


Roger Wanke as J. C., Confederate scout, with Poncho*

Jennifer Dyches, musician and slate person**




 Blake and Judith sharing a rare moment of peace****

Lightfoot busts out a window for better aim***

Don't shoot him! He's one of the good guys.***

Judith and Blake


Capt. Causey***



Jim and Jerry catch themselves a live Yankee***


What's so funny?***


 Did I really say that?***

That Judith sure can play good, can't she?***

"Take 25.
Give me strength"****


Robwood, Appleton, South Carolina***


Branchville, SC Railroad Depot***

Pineapple House, Branchville, SC










Above photo by Wes Mayhle

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Lin Laffitte
as Judith Rogers and Jim Hilton as Capt. Blake Winberry

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