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Lydia C. Filzen presents

Foxfire Collies

Rainbow Bridge
May we meet again some bright day

Ch. Foxfire Hunter Lightfoot, CD, OA, NAJ

Our beloved Hunter was the last of the original Foxfire Collies descending from our Ch. Foxfire All Aglow, Ch. Foxfire Keep the Faith, Ch. Foxfire Fear No Evil, Ch. Foxfire Blueprint O' Sunquest and other wonderful dogs of our own breeding.
His co-breeder, Carol Gill, let him come to live with us as a pup.

Hunter was the first dog we trained for agility, and the first we trained to earn a CD in since high school days. (A long, loooong time) His sweet and willing spirit taught us so much.l


 Ch. Foxfire Keep the Faith 1988-1996

 We sent Duncan to Carol Gill's ranch to live as a young puppy. He helped her drive the beef cattle, no problem.  After his brother Tomas finished his championship, it was Duncan's turn in the ring. When we took him to his first dog show, he looked around, fascinated at the bright lights and big city. That day he took a Herding Group 2, then quickly finished his championship, no problem. I sent him back to the country, where he resumed his duties as head farm dog.

Mermark Foxfire Flashpoint, NA, NAJ

Thirteen years ago we brought Jill home with her brother, the late Spencer, to grow them out for their breeder, Gene Mertz. They stuck around, and we finished Spencer in conformation, while Jill earned a couple of agility titles.
Jill lived a long full life, but none of us live on this Earth forever.


Ch. Foxfire All Aglow

Erika. What can I say about Erika? She was our winningest dog ever, with Herding Group wins and many Specialty Best in Shows. Smart and spirited, she was a sparkling companion as well as a great show dog. We miss her terribly.

 Ch. Foxfire Command the Morning 1988-1993

Tomas was Duncan's litter brother by Ch. Foxfire Fear No Evil and a sister of Ch. Foxfire Blueprint O' Sunquest. He finished at just 14 months of age with a big specialty win.
He carried so much coat no one would believe he spent his whole life in Florida!  Here he is pictured in his summer shorties.

h. Foxfire Fear No Evil 1984-1996

Jacob, by Ch. Tartanside Spellbound ex Ch. Foxfire Song of Praise, sired several champions for us, including Tomas, Duncan, and the beautiful Erika.



Ch. Foxfire Footprints

 April was from an outcross, our beautiful Ch. Foxfire Blueprint O' Sunquest bred to Ch. Milas Formal Sneakers. She was an elegant combination of our Parader based lines with a bit of Clarion and English breeding.
When pressed for space, we placed her in a lovely home, but she was stolen out of her yard and never recovered.

Ch. Foxfire to the Max, CDX

Carol Underwood acquired this gorgeous sable merle from us as a young pup. She believes in titles at both ends and accomplished it handily with her Max. He also earned a herding certification before the AKC offered herding trials for titles. He was sired by Laureate Foxfire Windstorm ex Flatwoods Foxfire.

Ch. Mermark Foxfire Thunderation

Spencer was one of the pups we grew out for the late Gene Mertz. Somehow or other both of them tarried at our house. He and Jill were by Ch. Edenrock Lightning Strike out of Mermark Moonmist April.

Ch. Foxfire Blueprint O' Sunquest

 Tipsy was one of those joyous dogs who loved everything and everybody. She won the Florida Tournament at just five months of age and placed in a huge class at the National Specialty in Ontario, California. She took a Herding Group One at the age of eight months and went on from there to be a consistent group and specialty star. She produced beautiful champions for us as well, Ch. Foxfire Footprints and Ch. Foxfire All Aglow

Ch. Foxfire Morningstar 1985-1997

Gracie was Tipsy's younger sister by Ch. Happy Talk Chocolate Solder ex Foxfire Red Sky at Morning. Like her big sister, she won the Florida tournament and a trip to the Chicago National Specialty in 1986. She won a specialty Best of Breed over specials on her way to her championship.








Ch. Foxfire Song of Praise

Rachael came along at a time we were discouraged about our progress in showing Collies. We were looking at other breeds but just couldn't get interested in those Brand X dogs. That day she took Winners Bitch from the puppy class and we considered it a sign. She finished in fine style, our first homebred champion. Rachael produced our Jacob, and is behind some of the Bonshire champions in the Chicago area.
She always did whatever we asked of her.













Photo by Wes Mayhle

Above photo by 

For further information about Firetrail the Movie and the upcoming Perfect Disguise, contact Forbesfilm.


Lin Laffitte as Judith Rogers and Jim Hilton as Capt. Blake Winberry

Historical Novels
by Lydia Hawke


He was determined to protect his state from an unstoppable foe.
She sought a place of safety.
Together, they faced the coming storm.

 Perfect Disguise

  Desperate to escape the marriage her drunken father demands, Willa Randall joins the Confederate cavalry disguised as a boy.

Exiles on the Saint Johns

Northeast Florida seethed with hostilities during the War Between the States, pitting father against son and neighbor against neighbor.

  Suspense Fiction by
Lydia C. Filzen

Silent Witness

Agility Suspense Unleashed

Nonfiction articles by Lydia Filzen frequently appear in:

Civil War News

Clay Today Newspaper

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