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Randall Homestead

Chris Bowman as Pvt. Canfield

Jerry Chesser and Charles Kizer

Jim Hilton as Colonel Logan**

Will on picket duty

Arnold Simmons as Josh

Ray LaBrie
as Clavett*

Lydia Hawke  presents:

The movie!

  We're doing it again!
  Sort of like peanuts... You can't quit after just one.
  Here Chris Forbes and Chris Martino ready "Camzilla" on her tracks as they prepare to shoot a scene.
  Thanks to Jerry Varn and family, owners of Broxton Bridge Plantation, Ehrhardt, South Carolina, and the organizers of the Broxton Bridge reenactment weekend.   They allowed Forbesfilm to build a set on the property and shoot scenes during their March event.
  News flash! Perfect Disguise shoting is now complete and is in post-production.
  We're fortunate to have so many fine folks from AugustaFilm Organization contributing their skills.

Heather Clark, leading lady, plays Willa Randall*

Heather Clark and Tripp Courtney, leading man, who plays Captain Jefferson Spencer.*

Skirmish scene, Captain Spencer on the ready.

Dave Long as Edgar, leaving the scene of the crime.

Heather takes direction from Christopher Forbes.*

Captain Spencer with Willa's father, Jesse Randall, played by James Holmes*

The crew gets ready to shoot a scene*

Jerry Chesser as Corporal Reynolds with his rooster, General Johnston**

Will gets to dance with a girl? Heather Clark and Nicole Dye

While the Savannah River String Band plays on


*Photos by Kim Neal
**Photos by Jennifer Gatch

Above photo by Wes Mayhle

Heather Clark as Willa Randall.

Tripp Courtney
as Captain Jefferson Spencer.

Dave Long as Major Edgar Dodds

For further information about
Perfect Disguise: The Movie
contact Forbesfilm.

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